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Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh: (আজকের দাম) Bike Price in BD

Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh: (আজকের দাম) Bike Price in BD

Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh: (আজকের দাম) Bike Price in BD. Bangladesh has witnessed a growing demand for motorcycles in recent years. With better fuel efficiency, affordability, and ease of maneuvering through traffic, it’s no wonder that more people are considering owning a two-wheeler. If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, this guide will provide you with essential information about motorcycle prices in Bangladesh, factors that influence the cost, and tips on finding the best deals.

Factors Affecting Motorcycle Prices in Bangladesh

Before diving into the details of specific motorcycle prices, let’s explore the factors that affect the cost of a bike in Bangladesh.

Brand and Model

One of the most significant factors determining the price of a motorcycle is the brand and model. Renowned brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki tend to have higher price tags due to their reputation for quality and performance. On the other hand, local and lesser-known brands may offer more affordable options.

Engine Capacity and Performance

Motorcycles with larger engine capacities and better performance capabilities generally cost more. For example, a bike with a 150cc engine will typically be more expensive than one with a 100cc engine. High-performance features like advanced suspension systems, ABS, and better braking systems can also add to the price.

Import Duties and Taxes

Import duties and taxes can significantly impact motorcycle prices in Bangladesh. As most motorcycles are imported, they are subject to taxes imposed by the government, which can add a considerable amount to the overall cost.

Additional Accessories and Customization

Customization options and additional accessories, such as aftermarket exhaust systems, upgraded tires, and aesthetic modifications, can also increase the price of a motorcycle.

Popular Motorcycle Brands and Prices in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh: (আজকের দাম) Bike Price in BD. Here are some popular motorcycle brands available in Bangladesh, along with their estimated price ranges for different models. Note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as location, dealership, and available discounts.


  • Yamaha R15 V3: BDT 4,85,000 – BDT 5,25,000
  • Yamaha FZS Fi V3: BDT 2,45,000 – BDT 2,65,000
  • Yamaha Saluto 125: BDT 1,30,000 – BDT 1,45,000


  • Honda CBR150R: BDT 4,50,000 – BDT 4,80,000
  • Honda CB Hornet 160R: BDT 2,55,000 – BDT 2,75,000
  • Honda Dream Neo: BDT 97,000 – BDT 1,10,000


  • Suzuki Gixxer SF: BDT 2,75,000 – BDT 2,95,000
  • Suzuki Intruder 150: BDT 2,65,000 – BDT 2,85,000
  • Suzuki Hayate: BDT 1,20,000 – BDT 1,35,000

Tips for Finding the Best Motorcycle Deals in Bangladesh

To get the best deals on motorcycles in Bangladesh, keep the following tips in mind:

Research and Compare

Research multiple brands, models, and dealerships to get a comprehensive understanding of the current market rates. Compare the prices and features of different motorcycles to get a comprehensive understanding of the current market rates. Compare the prices and features of different motorcycles to determine the best option for your needs and budget.

Negotiate with Dealerships

Don’t hesitate to negotiate with dealerships. While the listed prices might seem fixed, there is often room for negotiation. Make sure to visit multiple dealerships and inquire about any discounts, promotions, or financing options they may offer.

Look for Seasonal Sales and Promotions

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and promotions, as dealerships and manufacturers often offer discounts during specific times of the year. Examples include end-of-year sales, festive promotions, and clearance sales for older models.

Consider Buying Used Motorcycles

If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying a used motorcycle. While you might not get the latest model or features, you can find great deals on well-maintained second-hand bikes. Make sure to inspect the motorcycle thoroughly and verify its service history before making a purchase.

Check Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like BikersBuddy, Bikroy, Bdstall, and AjkerDeal can be excellent sources for finding motorcycles at competitive prices. These platforms allow you to compare prices from various sellers and even negotiate with them directly.


When searching for a Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh, it’s essential to research and compare different brands, models, and dealerships to find the best price for your desired bike. By keeping factors like import duties, taxes, and customization in mind, you can make an informed decision about which motorcycle is right for you. Don’t forget to negotiate with dealerships, look for seasonal promotions, and consider buying used bikes to get the best possible deals. Happy riding!

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