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Suzuki Access Disc Bike Specification, Price, Discount, 360 View, and More

Suzuki Access 360 View


    Suzuki Access Price in Bangladesh

    Price: ৳ 140,000.00 Introducing the Suzuki Access, a scooter that sets new standards in urban commuting. Suzuki has a rich history of producing reliable and practical scooters, and the Access is a prime example. In this review, we'll explore the details of the Access, from its specifications to design, technology, and the smooth and convenient commuting experience it offers.

    Suzuki Access Bike Key Specifications

    • Engine: 124cc, Air-Cooled, Single-Cylinder
    • Power Output: 8.7 PS @ 6750 rpm
    • Torque: 10 Nm @ 5500 rpm
    • Weight: 103 kg
    • Fuel Capacity: 5 liters

    Suzuki Access Design and Styling

    The Suzuki Access combines practicality with style. Its design showcases a contemporary look, with a sleek and compact profile. The scooter's clean lines and comfortable saddle make it a practical choice for daily commuting. It effortlessly blends into the urban landscape, providing a convenient and stylish means of transportation.

    Suzuki Access Performance

    While it's not designed for high-speed thrills, the Access excels in its category. The 124cc single-cylinder engine delivers a reliable 8.7 HP, ensuring smooth acceleration and a comfortable pace for city commuting. It's all about ease of use and maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for navigating busy city streets.

    Suzuki Access Engine and Technology

    The Access boasts a dependable engine backed by Suzuki's engineering expertise. The air-cooled engine provides reliable and efficient performance, making it ideal for urban commutes. Suzuki's commitment to technology ensures that the Access delivers a smooth and hassle-free riding experience.

    Suzuki Access Ride and Handling

    Urban scooters need to be agile and comfortable, and the Access excels in these areas. Its lightweight chassis and suspension setup offer a smooth and stable ride, even on uneven city roads. The scooter's ergonomic design prioritizes rider comfort, making it easy to navigate through traffic and handle daily commutes.

    Suzuki Access Fuel Efficiency and Range

    For those who value fuel economy, the Access doesn't disappoint. With a 5.6-liter fuel tank, it's exceptionally fuel-efficient, allowing you to cover long distances without frequent fuel stops. This is a practical choice for city dwellers looking to save on fuel expenses.

    Suzuki Access Maintenance and Ownership Costs

    Suzuki's reputation for reliability extends to the Access, ensuring peace of mind for owners. Maintenance costs are reasonable, and genuine Suzuki parts are readily available. Insurance rates for scooters are typically affordable, making the Access an economical choice for daily commuters.

    Suzuki Access Disc Experience and Comfort

    The Access focuses on rider comfort. The well-padded and spacious saddle provides excellent support for both the rider and pillion, ensuring a comfortable journey. The scooter's practical features, such as under-seat storage and a convenient hook, add to its utility for everyday use.


    ✔ Practical and economical

    ✔ Fuel-efficient

    ✔ Reliable

    ✔ Affordable

    ✔ Easy to ride

    ✔ Comfortable

    ✔ Low maintenance and ownership costs


    ❌ Engine is not very powerful

    ❌ Pillion seat is not very spacious

    Suzuki Access Disc Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Suzuki Access is a game-changer in urban commuting. It offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for daily commuters. While it may not provide the thrill of a sportbike, it excels in its category, providing a smooth and convenient urban commuting experience.

    If you're looking for a scooter that elevates your daily commute with reliability and style, the Suzuki Access is your key to hassle-free urban mobility. You can also explore Suzuki Access 125 Disc.

    Suzuki Access Image Gallery

    Suzuki Access Price in Bangladesh
    • Black
    • Brilliant Silver
    • Metallic Triton Blue
    • Gun Metallic Grey
    Suzuki Access 125 Disc Price in Bangladesh
    • Intensity White

    Suzuki Access Disc Video Review





    Bike Name





    Black, Brilliant Silver, Gun Metallic Grey, Intensity White, Metallic Triton Blue



    Engine Details


    52.4 mm



    Compression Ratio


    Cooling System

    Air cooled


    4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, Single Cylinder

    Engine CC

    124.53 cc

    Fuel Delivery System

    Fuel Injection

    Ignition Type


    Max Power

    8.7 PS @ 6750 rpm

    Max Speed

    95 KM/H

    Max Torque

    10 Nm @ 5500 rpm

    Starting Method

    Electric and Kick


    57.8 mm

    Body Dimensions

    Dimensions (LxW×H)

    1870 mm × 690 mm × 1160 mm

    Fuel Capacity (L)

    5.2 liters

    Ground Clearance

    160 mm

    Kerb Weight

    104 kg

    Reserve Oil

    1.2 liters

    Seat Height (mm)

    775 mm

    Wheel Base (mm)

    1265 mm

    Tyre & Brakes


    Non ABS

    Back Brake


    Back Tyre

    90 / 100-10 53J Tubeless type

    Front Brake


    Front Tyre

    90/90-12 Tubeless

    Wheel Back


    Wheel Front


    Suspension & Chassis

    Back Suspension

    Swing arm

    Chassis Type


    Front Suspension


    Gear & Mileage

    Company Mileage

    48 kmpl

    Total Gear


    User Mileage

    47 kmpl

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    • Comfort / 10
    • Design / 10
    • Performance / 10
    • Price / 10