Suzuki Intruder FI ABS


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Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Bike Specification, Price, Discount, 360 View, and More

Suzuki Intruder FI ABS 360 View


    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Price in BD

    Price: ৳ 319,950.00 The Suzuki Access is a popular scooter manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation. It is known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability. The Access is a great choice for riders who are looking for a practical and economical scooter for everyday commute.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Bike Key Specifications

    • Engine: 154.9cc, Air-Cooled, Single-Cylinder
    • Power Output: 14.6 HP @ 8000 rpm
    • Torque: 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm
    • Weight: 152 kg
    • Fuel Capacity: 6 liters
    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Price in BD

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Design and Styling

    The Suzuki Intruder FI ABS exudes classic cruiser charm. Its design is a harmonious blend of retro and modern elements, featuring a low-slung profile, a sleek teardrop fuel tank, and a comfortable wide seat. The bold cruiser-style handlebars and chrome accents add to its distinctive look, making it stand out on the road.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Performance

    While the Intruder FI ABS may not be a powerhouse, it excels in providing a relaxed and comfortable ride. Its 154.9cc fuel-injected engine produces a modest 13.6 HP and 13.8 Nm of torque, offering smooth and predictable power delivery for effortless cruising. This motorcycle is all about the joy of the journey, where a leisurely pace is embraced over high-speed thrills.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Engine and Technology

    The fuel-injected engine of the Intruder FI ABS ensures reliable performance and improved fuel efficiency. It starts up with ease and runs smoothly, making it an ideal choice for long rides. The inclusion of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) enhances safety by preventing wheel lockup during sudden braking, adding to the overall rider confidence.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Ride and Handling

    The Intruder FI ABS excels in comfort and stability. The low seat height and forward-set footpegs create a relaxed riding position, ideal for extended journeys. The suspension is tuned for a plush ride, soaking up bumps and imperfections in the road with ease. The bike's weight distribution and wide rear tire contribute to confident handling.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Fuel Efficiency and Range

    For touring enthusiasts, the Intruder FI ABS offers commendable fuel efficiency. With its 11-liter fuel tank, you can cover long distances with fewer fuel stops, allowing you to fully embrace the cruising experience.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Maintenance and Ownership Costs

    Suzuki's reputation for reliability extends to the Intruder FI ABS, translating to peace of mind for owners. Maintenance costs are reasonable, and genuine Suzuki parts are readily available. Insurance rates are typically competitive, making this cruiser an appealing choice for riders seeking a comfortable and dependable touring companion.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Experience and Comfort

    The Intruder FI ABS places rider comfort at the forefront. The spacious and cushioned seat, along with the relaxed ergonomics, ensures a comfortable riding experience. The windshield provides wind protection, enhancing long-distance comfort and reducing rider fatigue.


    ✔ Comfortable riding position

    ✔ Stylish design

    ✔ Fuel-efficient

    ✔ Affordable

    ✔ ABS brakes

    ✔ Easy to ride


    ❌ Engine is not very powerful

    ❌ Pillion seat is not very spacious

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Suzuki Intruder FI ABS offers a refined and relaxed cruiser experience, perfect for riders who appreciate classic styling and leisurely journeys. Whether you're a seasoned cruiser enthusiast or a rider looking for a comfortable touring companion, the Intruder FI ABS is a compelling choice. It embodies the essence of the open road, inviting you to savor every mile in style and comfort.

    If you're seeking the charm of classic cruiser aesthetics combined with dependable Suzuki engineering, the Intruder FI ABS is your ticket to a satisfying cruising adventure. You can also explore Suzuki Intruder.

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Image Gallery

    Suzuki Intruder Price in BD
    • Glass Sparkle Black
    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Price in BD
    • Metallic Oort Grey
    • Metallic Matte Titanium Silver

    Suzuki Intruder FI ABS Video Review





    Bike Name

    Intruder FI ABS




    Metallic Black, Metallic Silver, Pearl Mirage White



    Engine Details


    56.0 mm


    Wet multi-plate

    Compression Ratio


    Cooling System

    Air cooled


    4-Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Air cooled

    Engine CC

    154.9 CC

    Fuel Delivery System

    Fuel Injection

    Ignition Type

    Kick start and electric start

    Max Power

    14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm

    Max Speed

    115 KM/H

    Max Torque

    14.0 Nm @ 6000 rpm

    Starting Method

    Electric and Kick


    62.9 mm

    Body Dimensions

    Dimensions (LxW×H)

    2160 mm × 800 mm × 1125 mm

    Fuel Capacity (L)

    14 liters

    Ground Clearance

    170 mm

    Kerb Weight

    148 Kg

    Reserve Oil

    2.4 liters

    Seat Height (mm)

    740 mm

    Wheel Base (mm)

    1405 mm

    Tyre & Brakes


    Single Channel ABS

    Back Brake


    Back Tyre


    Front Brake


    Front Tyre


    Wheel Back


    Wheel Front


    Suspension & Chassis

    Back Suspension


    Chassis Type

    Single Cradle

    Front Suspension


    Gear & Mileage

    Company Mileage

    45 kmpl

    Total Gear


    User Mileage

    40-45 kmpl

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