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Yamaha Xabre 150 Bike Specification, Price, Discount, 360 View, and More

Yamaha Xabre 150 360 View


    Yamaha Xabre 150 Price In Bangladesh

    Price: ৳ 420,000.00 Get ready to experience the precision of a streetfighter with the Yamaha Xabre 150. Yamaha is renowned for crafting exceptional motorcycles, and the Xabre 150 is a testament to their commitment to providing power, style, and agility on two wheels. In this review, we'll explore the details of the Yamaha Xabre 150, from its specifications and design to its technology and the thrilling riding experience it offers.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Bike Key Specifications:

    • Engine: 149cc, Liquid-Cooled, Single-Cylinder
    • Power Output: 16.3 HP
    • Torque: 14.3 Nm
    • Weight: 135 kg
    • Fuel Capacity: 10.2 liters

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Design and Styling

    The Yamaha Xabre 150 showcases a design that exudes a perfect blend of aggression and style. Its sharp lines, muscular fuel tank, aggressive LED headlamp, and sculpted fairings set it apart as a precision streetfighter. The motorcycle's build quality and attention to detail reflect Yamaha's commitment to precision engineering.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Performance

    When it comes to performance, the Xabre 150 is a force to be reckoned with. Its 149cc liquid-cooled engine produces a robust 16.3 HP, resulting in thrilling acceleration and impressive top-end speed. This motorcycle is all about the thrill of twisting the throttle and feeling the surge of power beneath you. The finely-tuned suspension and agile chassis ensure precise handling, making it a joy to conquer both tight corners and open roads.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Engine and Technology

    Underneath the dynamic exterior, the Xabre 150 houses a high-performance engine with advanced technology. Liquid cooling ensures consistent engine temperatures, allowing for optimal power delivery. Fuel injection technology enhances throttle response and fuel efficiency, ensuring a responsive and efficient ride.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Ride and Handling

    The Xabre 150's prowess on the road is a testament to Yamaha's commitment to rider satisfaction. The ergonomic design ensures that you're in full control whether you're navigating city streets or attacking twisty mountain roads. The motorcycle's well-balanced chassis and premium suspension components provide a sporty yet comfortable ride, making every journey an exhilarating adventure.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Fuel Efficiency and Range

    For riders conscious of fuel efficiency, the Xabre 150 offers a balance between performance and economy. With its 10.2-liter fuel tank, you can enjoy a respectable range that allows you to explore further without frequent stops at the pump.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Maintenance and Ownership Costs

    Yamaha's reputation for reliability extends to the Xabre 150, translating to peace of mind for owners. Maintenance costs are reasonable, and genuine Yamaha parts are readily available. Insurance rates are competitive, making this precision streetfighter an attractive option for riders seeking value and dependability.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Rider Experience and Comfort

    The Xabre 150 prioritizes rider comfort and control. The well-padded and contoured seat offers both comfort and support, ensuring that long rides are enjoyable. The sporty riding posture provides a sense of control and enhances the overall riding experience.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Pros and Cons


    ✔ Aggressive and stylish design

    ✔ Powerful and responsive engine

    ✔ Precise handling

    ✔ Advanced technology for optimal performance

    ✔ Comfortable and supportive seating

    ✔ Impressive power-to-weight ratio


    ❌ Aggressive riding position may not suit all riders for extended periods

    ❌ Limited pillion comfort

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Yamaha Xabre 150 is a precision streetfighter that delivers power, style, and an adrenaline-pumping riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking excitement or a newcomer looking to elevate your sport riding skills, the Xabre 150 is a remarkable choice. It not only lives up to Yamaha's legacy but also sets new standards for precision and agility on two wheels.

    If you crave the thrill of high-performance sport riding and want to make a statement with your machine, the Yamaha Xabre 150 is your ticket to experiencing the precision of a streetfighter. You can also explore Yamaha NMax 155.

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Image Gallery

    • Red & Black
    Yamaha Xabre 150 Price In Bangladesh
    • Silver with White
    • Gunmetal Katana

    Yamaha Xabre 150 Video Review




    India, Indonesia

    Bike Name

    Xabre 150




    Black, Gunmetal Katana, Red, Silver with White



    Engine Details


    57 mm


    Wet multiplate type

    Compression Ratio


    Cooling System



    4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHC, 4-Valve

    Engine CC

    149 CC

    Fuel Delivery System

    Fuel Injection

    Ignition Type


    Max Power

    16.09 Bhp @ 8500 rpm

    Max Speed

    125 KM/L

    Max Torque

    14.3 Nm @ 7500 rpm

    Starting Method

    Electric start


    58.7 mm

    Body Dimensions

    Dimensions (LxW×H)

    1959 mm x 795 mm x 1065 mm

    Fuel Capacity (L)

    10.2 liters

    Ground Clearance

    164 mm

    Kerb Weight

    135 kg

    Reserve Oil

    0.95 liter

    Seat Height (mm)

    805 mm

    Wheel Base (mm)

    1350 mm

    Tyre & Brakes


    Dual Disc

    Back Brake

    220 mm Hydraulic Single Disc

    Back Tyre

    130/70-17 M/C 62S

    Front Brake

    267 mm Hydraulic Single Disc

    Front Tyre

    110/70-17 M/C 54S

    Wheel Back

    17 M/C-MT 3.50

    Wheel Front

    17 M/C-MT 2.75

    Suspension & Chassis

    Back Suspension

    Swing Arm (shock absorber)

    Chassis Type


    Front Suspension

    Telescopic upside Down Fork (USD Fork)

    Gear & Mileage

    Company Mileage

    43 kmpl

    Total Gear


    User Mileage

    40 kmpl

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