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Benelli 165S Price In Bangladesh

Benelli 165S Price In Bangladesh

Benelli 165S Price in Bangladesh – An Expert’s Guide

Benelli 165S Price in Bangladesh


The Benelli 165S motorbike is a popular choice for daily commuting within cities of Bangladesh. With its affordable price tag and fuel efficient engine, it has emerged as a reliable option for many citizens. Let’s take a deeper look at this motorbike and understand what makes it stand out.

An Overview of Key Specifications

The Benelli 165S comes equipped with a 163.7 cc air-cooled single cylinder engine. This engine generates a maximum power output of 13.5 bhp at 8,000 rpm along with a peak torque of 13.8 Nm at 6,000 rpm. It has a 5-speed gearbox and weighs around 140 kg fully fueled. Some other key specifications include:

  • Front Suspension: Telescopic fork
  • Rear Suspension: 5-step adjustable shock absorber
  • Front Brake: 230mm disc brake
  • Rear Brake: Drum brake
  • Front Tyre: 90/90-17
  • Rear Tyre: 110/90-17
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 liters

It meets the latest emission norms through the implementation of fuel injection technology and a catalytic converter. So you needn’t worry about pollution certificates.

An Ideal Mix of Features and Pricing

The Benelli 165S strikes an excellent balance between key specs and affordability. Priced at BDT 2,25,500, it undercuts similar 150cc options from several brands. Its 163.7cc air-cooled engine delivers 13.5hp along with a user-friendly torque curve. While not the most powerful, it has the grunt required to smoothly ride in areas with frequent stops.

The 5-speed gearbox further aids driveability. Its sprung suspension provides cushioning over our roads. Telescopic forks up front and 5-step adjustable rear dampers optimize ride quality.

A summary of technical specifications is given below:
Parameter Specification
Engine 163.7cc, Air-cooled, SOHC
Power 13.5hp @ 8,000rpm
Torque 13.8Nm @ 6,000rpm
Transmission 5-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension 5-Step Adjustable Shock Absorbers
Front Brake 230mm Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Tyres Tubeless, 90/90-17 & 110/90-17
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 Litres

As seen, Benelli provides plenty of motorcycles for the price in terms of performance, handling and safety features. Its reliable specs fulfill urban riding needs of most commuters on tight budgets.

Pricing and Available Variants

The Benelli 165S comes in a single variant. Its price starts from Taka 1,79,900. This makes it one of the most affordable motorcycles in Bangladesh for its specifications.

Some competitors to the Benelli 165S include:

  • Benelli 165S second-hand price in Bangladesh 2023 ranges between Taka 100,000 – 1,20,000 depending on year and condition.
  • Benelli 150s Price in Bangladeh 2023 starts from Taka 1,65,000
  • Benelli TNT 150 Price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 1,55,500
  • Benelli TNT 160 Price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 2,29,900

So in terms of pricing, the Benelli 165S offers great value, edging out its direct competitors. It also offers enough power and features for daily city commutes.

Reliable, Fuel-Efficient Engine

One of the key highlights of the Benelli 165S is its 163.7cc air-cooled engine. Though not the most powerful in its class, it is sufficiently refined to cruise easily at city speeds. More importantly, it sips fuel judiciously, returning around 55-60 kmpl under standard riding conditions in Dhaka city. This allows users to travel long distances without frequent refueling stops.

Its 5-speed gearbox offers a smoother clutch less ride in traffic. The low-end torque is very useful for filtered starts without any jerkiness. Overall, the engine is quite durable and reliable even after years of usage, requiring just standard servicing. This keeps the running costs very low, further sweetening the deal.

Comfortable Ergonomics

The Benelli 165S has been thoughtfully designed for user comfort over long commutes in heavy traffic. Its step-up seat is at a convenient height of 800mm from the ground. So shorter riders can easily place both feet firmly when stopping.

Its handles are neither too high nor too low, allowing for an upright and relaxed riding stance. The slightly rear-set foot pegs don’t cause fatigue even after hours in the saddle. The slim fuel tank between one’s legs doesn’t impinge on space.

Its telescopic front suspension and 5-step adjustable rear shocks soak up most of the bumps. This makes long hours of city riding quite comfortable without back/hip pain. Overall, it offers a stress-free riding experience as per customer reviews.

Reliable Braking and Control

The Benelli 165S is equipped with a 230 mm front disc brake along with a rear drum brake. This combo offers excellent braking performance for its class. Additionally, its slim rear section and light curb weight of 140kg makes it quite maneuverable in traffic. This inspires confidence while filtering through gaps or slowing down rapidly.

Its telescopic front forks and rear mono-shock absorbers provide stable yet plush handling. The grippy tyres offer confident feedback on corners and bends. Though not extremely sporty, it can be flung around with adequate control. This balanced and precise handling has won it praise from owners.

After-Sales and Resale Value

Benelli is backed by a wide service network across Bangladesh for quick support. Genuine spare parts are also easily available. It is quite popular among used bike buyers, holding around 60-70% of its initial price even after 3-4 years. This excellent residual value further expands its appeal versus some competitors.

An Insight into Ownership Reviews

Let us examine some perspectives of Benelli 165S riders to understand real-world performance:

Anjum: “I have been using it for college commute past 2 years spending under 20tk/day on fuel. No issues so far besides regular servicing. Would surely recommend for daily usage within cities.”

Tanvir: “Did a 600km trip to Chattogram smoothly achieving 55kmpl constant. Handles nicely on highways while seating two. Spares are available near my home as well.”

Sabina: “Being a 5’2” female, felt confident controlling traffic on this bike. Abs is a big relief during emergency stops too. Very comfortable for 3+ hours continuous riding.”

Nafi: “As a corporate executive, this allows me dodging Dhaka traffic stress-free. Costs less than half of car maintenance. Engine never let me down even after 50,000km.”

As seen, the Benelli 165S consistently delivers the intended purpose of an honest, pocket-friendly companion fulfilling diverse city riding needs excellently as per experiences.

FAQs about Benelli 165S 

Q. What is the mileage of Benelli 165S?

The Benelli 165S offers a fuel-efficiency of around 55-60 kmpl under standard riding conditions in cities.

Q. Is Benelli 165S good for daily commuting?

Yes, with its comfortable ergonomics, reliable engine, affordable price and excellent fuel efficiency, the Benelli 165S makes for an ideal daily commuter motorcycle for city riding.

Q. What is the Benelli 165s top speed?

The maximum top speed of Benelli 165S ranges between 100-110 kmph depending on rider weight and altitude.

Q. Is ABS available in Benelli 165S?

No, the Benelli 165S has Dual Disc.

Q. What is the seat height of Benelli 165S?

The seat height of Benelli 165S is 800mm, making it very accessible for shorter riders as well.

Q. Is Benelli 165S service expensive?

No, Benelli has extensive service networks across Bangladesh. Spare parts are also easily available. Plus regular servicing and maintenance doesn’t burden the pocket much.

Should You Buy the Benelli 165S?

To summarize, the Benelli 165S makes for an excellent choice as an affordable daily commuter motorcycle. It offers a reliable and fuel efficient engine, comfortable ergonomics, stable handling, powerful braking and adequate features at an attractive price point. Its strong resale value and service network further adds to its value proposition. For its specifications and pricing, it easily undercuts other popular 150cc options. Consider this p utilitarian workhorse if you need an economical and hassle-free riding experience for city commutes. Its problem-free ownership will surely bring a smile to your face and wallet every day.

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