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Yamaha Fzs V3 Price In Bangladesh 2024

Yamaha FZS Fi V3 ABS Price in Bangladesh


As of 2024, the Yamaha FZS V3 is priced at BDT 265,000 in Bangladesh. The latest iteration offers enhanced features and a refined design.

Immerse yourself into the world of biking with the Yamaha FZS V3, a machine that blends cutting-edge technology with the timeless appeal of raw power. This mid-range motorcycle has captured the hearts of riders with its muscular aesthetics and rider-friendly performance.

The V3 version not only boasts an upgraded engine that promises smooth acceleration and heightened efficiency, but it also features an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to ensure greater safety on the unpredictable roads of Bangladesh. The bike’s eye-catching aura is complemented by its LED headlight and digital instrument cluster, making it a true standout in its class. Whether you’re commuting through the bustling streets of Dhaka or cruising the open highways, the Yamaha FZS V3 remains a top choice for riders seeking a blend of style, comfort, and reliability.

Yamaha Fzs V3 Price Bd 2024

The Yamaha FZS v3 embodies a blend of sleek design and advanced technology, captivating the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts across Bangladesh. As the calendar turns to 2024, the anticipated price of this stylish motorbike has become a hot topic among riders seeking a perfect combination of performance and affordability.

Featuring a robust engine, improved ergonomics, and cutting-edge features, the FZS v3 stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to innovation. With its competitive pricing strategy, Yamaha aims to offer this two-wheeler as an attractive option for those who desire a reliable and exhilarating ride without breaking the bank.

Prospective buyers scour the market for the latest updates, eager to discover how this model fits into their financial plan while promising an unmatched riding experience on Bangladesh’s diverse roadways.

Fzs V3 Mileage Bangladesh

The Yamaha FZS v3 stands out in the Bangladeshi market for its impressive balance of power and fuel efficiency. Motorbike enthusiasts are particularly intrigued by its mileage, a critical factor given the rising fuel costs. With its aerodynamic design and advanced engine technology, this motorcycle promises to deliver a performance that resonates with economical fuel consumption.

As one navigates through the bustling streets of Bangladesh, the FZS v3 emerges as a popular choice for riders who prioritize both style and substance. The precise figures of its mileage, which are subject to road conditions and riding habits, often become a topic of discussion amongst potential buyers, keen on making an informed purchase.

Yamaha’s commitment to quality ensures that the FZS v3 is not just about looks; it’s a machine built to go the distance, making every liter count. Please note that actual prices and mileage may vary and the figures mentioned might not be up-to-date.

Always refer to the latest data before making a purchase decision.


Fzs V3 Top Speed

Motorcycle enthusiasts seeking thrilling speeds often turn to the Yamaha FZS V3. Renowned for its sleek design and powerful engine, this bike doesn’t just look impressive—it delivers performance too. Riders can experience exhilaration as the speedometer climbs, with the potential to reach impressive velocities that compete with other bikes in its class.

The precise top speed fluctuates based on numerous factors such as rider weight, road conditions, and modifications, but it’s designed to offer an adrenaline-packed ride that’s synonymous with Yamaha’s legacy of speed and reliability. The FZS V3 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing riders in Bangladesh with exceptional bikes that promise to fulfill their need for speed.

Fzs V3 Vs Pulsar Ns160 Price

Navigating the competitive landscape of the motorcycle industry, interested buyers often compare the Yamaha FZS V3 with the Bajaj Pulsar NS160, especially when budgeting for a purchase in Bangladesh. Considering the features versus cost balance, both bikes offer distinct advantages and cater to different preferences.

The Yamaha FZS V3, with its advanced engineering, and reputation for reliability, appeals to riders looking for a robust ride, whereas the Pulsar NS160 attracts those seeking raw power and aggressive design. Price differentiation becomes a crucial factor as potential owners assess their options, with the varying Bangladeshi market prices reflecting the unique offerings of each model.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to weigh the practicality, performance, and price point of these two-wheeled machines to discern which fulfills the rider’s individual needs in the ever-evolving realm of personal transportation.

Fzs V3 Finance Options

Exploring financing options for the Yamaha FZS v3 can make the dream of owning this sleek and robust bike a reality for many enthusiasts in Bangladesh. With various banks and financial institutions rolling out competitive loan schemes tailored to different budgets, obtaining this model has never been more accessible.

Prospective buyers should dive into the details of down payments, interest rates, tenure, and EMI options to find the plan that aligns with their financial constraints. It’s also beneficial to consider any ongoing promotions or partnerships that Yamaha might have with finance companies, potentially leading to more favorable terms or added perks.

By navigating through the finance landscape, the Yamaha FZS v3 becomes an attainable aspiration in 2024.

Best 150cc Bikes Under 3 Lakhs In Bangladesh

The Yamaha FZS V3 emerges as a striking contender amidst the diverse offerings for bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh, especially those navigating the 150cc segment with a budget capped at 3 lakhs. Balancing style and performance, the FZS V3 not only commands attention with its sleek design lines but also delivers on the technological front, boasting features such as ABS for enhanced safety.

Every aspect of the motorcycle, from its muscular stance to its economical fuel consumption rates, holds value for riders seeking a sturdy daily commuter that does not compromise on flair. With a competitive price tag expected around the year 2024, it punctuates the list of desirable two-wheelers in a densely populated market, promising reliability and the revered Yamaha engineering prowess.

Buy Used Fzs V3 In Dhaka

Discovering a pre-owned Yamaha FZS V3 in Dhaka could be a quality choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to experience the blend of style and performance without the price tag of a brand-new model. The FZS V3 is renowned for its reliable engine, advanced features, and the sleek design that Yamaha is famous for.

As you navigate the bustling streets and markets of Dhaka, you may come across various options, each offering a different mileage, year of manufacture, and condition, all contributing to the price variability. Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research, check the bike’s maintenance history, and possibly consult with a trusted mechanic before making a purchase.

This due diligence ensures that one can enjoy the thrill of the ride without unexpected costs and hassles. Remember, a savvy buyer looks beyond just the price and evaluates the overall value and condition of the bike.

Fzs V3 Official Showroom List

Securing the latest Yamaha FZS V3 can be both thrilling and overwhelming for biking enthusiasts in Bangladesh. The 2024 model encapsulates cutting-edge features and style advancements, with an inviting price tag that aligns with its superior performance. To streamline your purchase process, it’s essential to know the official Yamaha showrooms peppered across the nation.

Each authorized dealer ensures a transparent buying experience, offering genuine models along with official warranties and services. Diving into the specifics, the FZS V3 comes equipped with advancements in comfort, efficiency, and power, making it a sought-after motorcycle among riders.

Regardless of your location within the country, these certified showrooms are your go-to destinations for exploring and acquiring this epitome of engineering excellence.

Fzs V3 First Ride Review Bangladesh

Exploring the bustling streets of Bangladesh aboard the Yamaha FZS V3 reveals the bike’s spirited performance and agile handling. This latest iteration’s pricing strategy has been a subject of much anticipation, catering to a market that values both style and efficiency.

The FZS V3 doesn’t disappoint, offering a refreshed design and technical enhancements that elevate the riding experience. Enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail in ergonomics and the robust suite of features that bolster safety and comfort. Potential riders will find the motorcycle’s adaptability to urban environments an undeniable advantage, making it a compelling choice within its segment.

While assessing its on-road demeanor, the FZS V3 stands out as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to blending performance with affordability in the dynamic motorcycle landscape of Bangladesh.

Is Fzs V3 Good For Touring?

Crafted to blend style, performance, and comfort, the Yamaha FZS V3 emerges as a compelling choice for enthusiasts keen on embarking upon long-distance rides. The motorcycle’s ergonomic design prioritizes rider comfort, making it conducive to extended journeys. The robust and reliable 149cc engine nestled within its sleek chassis offers a smooth power delivery suitable for traversing a variety of terrains.

Fitted with features like a single-channel ABS and a comfortable seat, the FZS V3 ensures a secure and enjoyable touring experience. The bike’s fuel efficiency, coupled with a substantial fuel tank capacity, means fewer stops and more miles covered. Its allure isn’t just skin deep; the strategic pricing in the Bangladeshi market signifies accessibility without compromising the quality that Yamaha is renowned for.

Frequently Asked Questions For Yamaha Fzs V3 Price In Bangladesh 2024

What Is The Yamaha Fzs V3 2024 Price In Bangladesh?

Yamaha FZS V3 2024 is expected to be priced competitively in the Bangladeshi market, reflecting local taxes and import duties.

Are There Any Updates In Yamaha Fzs V3 2024?

The Yamaha FZS V3 2024 may feature updates in styling, performance, and technology, adhering to the latest market trends.

How Does Yamaha Fzs V3 2024 Compare To Its Competitors?

The Yamaha FZS V3 2024 stands out with its reliable engine, sporty design, and robust features, often surpassing its competitors in these areas.


Wrapping up, the Yamaha FZS V3 stands as a smart investment for Bangladeshi riders seeking quality, affordability, and style. With its appealing mix of performance and features, it resonates with the country’s bike enthusiasts. Keep an eye on updates, as prices can shift with market trends and import policies.

Whether for daily commutes or weekend adventures, the FZS V3 promises to be a worthy contender on the roads of Bangladesh in 2024.


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