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Yamaha Fazer V2 Price in Bangladesh 2024

Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 Price in Bangladesh 2024


As of 2024, the Yamaha Fazer V2 price in Bangladesh is yet to be officially announced. The market anticipates a competitive cost aligned with its features.

The Yamaha Fazer V2, a stylish and performance-driven motorcycle, has garnered significant attention among biking enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Poised to offer a blend of comfort and efficiency, the Fazer V2 stands out with its aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art engineering. Prospective buyers eagerly await its launch, expecting a bike that offers a balance between power and fuel economy.

Its predecessor’s success has set high expectations for the updated version’s performance and affordability. With Yamaha’s reputation for reliability and after-sales service, the anticipation for the Fazer V2’s exact pricing is quite palpable among the motorcycling community. While the official price remains unannounced, Yamaha aficionados are hopeful for a value proposal that matches this motorcycle’s compelling feature set.

Introducing The Yamaha Fazer V2

Yamaha Fazer Fi V2

The Yamaha Fazer V2 shines as a top motorbike choice in Bangladesh for 2024. People love its sleek design and powerful performance. Its reliable engine and advanced features stand out in the crowded market. Riders of all ages find the Fazer V2 easy to handle.

This bike’s fuel efficiency is a big win for cost-conscious buyers. Its dual headlamp and aerodynamic shape give a modern look. Safety features like the anti-lock braking system make it a safe ride. The Fazer V2 is truly a blend of style and substance.

Yamaha Fazer V2 Specifications

The Yamaha Fazer V2 is a popular motorcycle in Bangladesh for 2024. Its engine boasts a 149cc displacement with a fuel injection system. This ensures smooth performance and fuel efficiency. The bike can produce up to 13.1 PS power and 12.8 Nm torque, making it a strong contender in its category.

Stylish design elements include sharp lines and a sleek profile. The motorcycle’s aesthetics are enhanced by its dynamic color options and the signature faired appearance. Riding comfort is improved with an ergonomic seat and easy-to-read instruments.

The Yamaha Fazer V2 is also equipped with advanced technology for safety. Features like anti-lock braking system (ABS) offer improved control. There’s also a digital dashboard that provides all the necessary information at a quick glance. All these features combine to make the Yamaha Fazer V2 a smart choice for riders.

The Price Point

The Yamaha Fazer V2 has a varied price range in Bangladesh for 2024. Dealers set prices due to multiple factors. Demand and supply play a significant role. Costs may increase with import taxes and currency fluctuations. Local regulations also affect the final price tag. Buyers should note that additional accessories might lead to a higher cost.

Factor Influence on Price
Demand and Supply Can raise or lower prices
Import Taxes May increase price
Currency Rates Affects cost in Bangladesh Taka
Local Regulations Impact on final selling price
Accessories May cause higher pricing

Comparative Analysis

The Yamaha Fazer V2 stands out in the Bangladesh market with its pricing. Competitor bikes often struggle to match its combo of features and cost. Riders looking for efficiency and performance find the Fazer V2 a top choice. Its fuel economy is praise-worthy. The bike also boasts durability. This makes it a smart purchase for many. Yet, shopping for bikes needs careful thought. Compare specs and prices closely. Check out this handy comparison:

Feature Yamaha Fazer V2 Competitor A Competitor B
Price Budget-Friendly Higher Comparable
Engine Power Robust Strong Lesser
Mileage Impressive Average Good
Durability High Medium Varies

Purchasing Channels

Purchasing a Yamaha Fazer V2 in Bangladesh can be straightforward. Potential buyers should visit authorized dealerships. These dealerships guarantee original bikes and provide official warranties. Another option is to check online platforms. It’s essential to verify the seller’s reliability and look at customer reviews. Popular e-commerce sites often list verified sellers. Always ensure that the online platform offers secure payment methods and a clear return policy. Direct purchasing from dealerships is the most reliable method. It allows for physical verification of the bike.

Ownership Costs

Understanding the ownership costs of the Yamaha Fazer V2 is crucial. This includes maintenance and service expenses which, for a bike like this, could vary. Regular oil changes, chain cleaning, and brake pad replacements are part of these expenses. It’s wise to check for local service rates to get precise figures.

The bike’s resale value and depreciation are influenced by several factors. Brand reputation, condition, and market demand play a big role. Yamaha bikes generally have good resale value, especially when well-maintained. Keep an eye on the bike market to gauge the Fazer V2’s standing. Accurate prediction of resale price depends on the bike’s year and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions For Yamaha Fazer V2 Price In Bangladesh 2024

What Is The Price Of Yamaha Fazer V2 In Bangladesh?

As of my last update in early 2023, the Yamaha Fazer V2 price in Bangladesh is approximately BDT 2,71,000. Prices may vary based on dealers and regions.

What Is The Price Of Fz 2 Version 2 In Bangladesh?

The Yamaha FZ-S Version 2. 0 price in Bangladesh typically ranges from ৳ 2,10,000 to ৳ 2,25,000, varying by dealer location and current market conditions.

What Is The Price Of Fazer V2 In India 2023?

As of 2023, the Yamaha Fazer V2. 0 FI price in India starts at approximately INR 1. 01 lakhs, ex-showroom. Please check with local dealers for the exact cost, as prices may vary.

What Is The Price Of Yamaha Fz Fazer 2023?

The price of the Yamaha FZ Fazer 2023 model varies by region. It’s best to check with local dealers for the most accurate pricing.


Rounding off, the Yamaha Fazer V2 stands as an appealing choice for Bangladeshi riders in 2024. Its blend of style, performance, and affordability marks it as a noteworthy competitor in the motorcycle market. Before making a purchase, consider the features against the price and let your road adventures begin with confidence.

Enjoy the ride!


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