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Yamaha M Slaz Price in Bangladesh 2024

Yamaha M Slaz 150 Price in BD


As of 2024, the Yamaha M Slaz is priced at BDT 4,25,000 in Bangladesh. The cost reflects its premium features and sporty design.

Yamaha has positioned the M Slaz as a dynamic street fighter motorcycle for enthusiasts in Bangladesh who crave performance and style. It’s a standout choice in the competitive 150cc segment, offering riders a potent combination of agility and power. With a strong 150cc engine, the M Slaz promises an engaging ride and the sleek, modern aesthetics make it a head-turner on the roads.

Its sharp LED headlight and aggressive styling match the expectations of youthful riders looking for excitement and innovation in their daily commute or weekend rides. Yamaha’s commitment to quality and performance is evident in the M Slaz, making it a sought-after bike among Bangladeshi motorcyclists seeking a thrilling yet reliable riding experience.

Yamaha M Slaz Hits The Bangladesh Market

The Yamaha M Slaz now thrills bike lovers in Bangladesh. Its cutting-edge design and performance draw wide attention. Enthusiasts rave about its sporty looks and advanced features.

Excitement builds as riders await the release. They speculate on the impact the Yamaha M Slaz will have. Fans are eager to know the price and are ready to ride.

The bike’s popularity skyrockets before it even hits the streets. Riders anticipate an unmatched experience. They believe the M Slaz will set new benchmarks in the local market. Everyone talks about the upcoming reviews and user experiences.

Critical Look At The Yamaha M Slaz

Yamaha M Slaz 150 Price in BD

The Yamaha M Slaz stands out with its aggressive design and sharp features. Its LED headlamp and tail lamp enhance visibility and style. The digital instrument console is both functional and futuristic.

Owners enjoy a comfortable seating position. This bike also sports wide tires for better grip. Upside-down front forks add to its sporty appeal.

Engine Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement 149 cc
Max Power 16.09 PS @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque 14.3 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Transmission 6-speed

The engine specifications promise a robust ride. With a 149 cc engine, the M Slaz is powerful. It delivers exhilarating acceleration. The six-speed transmission ensures smooth gear shifts.

Price Point In Perspective

The Yamaha M Slaz stands tall in the competitive motorcycle market of Bangladesh. With a sleek design and robust performance, it beckons riding enthusiasts. Its price reflects its features and brand value. The bike’s cost demands attention within the 2024 motorcycle landscape.

Quality and affordability intersect with the M Slaz. The bike’s price balances against similar models, ensuring a worthy investment. Prospective buyers often recognize the value offered. They consider the M Slaz a smart purchase.

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Motorcycle Price Engine Features
Yamaha M Slaz XXXXX BDT 150cc LED Lights, ABS
  • 150cc segment offers many choices.
  • Yamaha M Slaz brings unique value.
  • Price judged against performance, style, and economy.
  • Consumers regard it as a cost-effective choice.

Buying Guide For Prospective Owners

Prospective owners should note the Yamaha M Slaz price before purchasing. Prices might vary based on features and dealers. Make sure you understand warranty terms and service availability. It’s advised to compare prices with similar models in Bangladesh for a wise decision.

Financing could be a viable solution to acquire a Yamaha M Slaz. Research different banks and credit institutions for the best loan terms and interest rates. Consider short-term versus long-term payment plans and assess what works for your budget. Always read the fine print of financing contracts thoroughly.

Real World Experiences

The Yamaha M Slaz garners positive attention from bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Its sleek design catches eyes on busy streets. Riders praise the agile handling and comfort during long rides.

Many owners note the 155cc engine delivers ample power for city commutes. Despite Dhaka’s congested roads, the M Slaz moves with ease. The bike’s fuel efficiency is another point of satisfaction. It fits well within the average Bangladeshi rider’s budget.

The M Slaz stands up to varied Bangladeshi conditions. Its suspension system handles Dhaka’s uneven roads with grace. Outside the city, on open highways, the M Slaz shows off its speed capabilities. The monsoon season tests many vehicles, but the M Slaz proves resilient.

Frequently Asked Questions On Yamaha M Slaz Price In Bangladesh 2024

What Is The Price Of M Slaz 150 In Bangladesh?

As of 2023, the Yamaha M Slaz 150 price in Bangladesh is approximately BDT 4,45,000. This cost can vary based on dealers and regions.

What Is The Price Of Fazer V3 In Bangladesh?

As of my last update, the price of the Yamaha Fazer V3 in Bangladesh is approximately 299,000 Bangladeshi Taka. Please note prices may vary based on local taxes and dealership charges.

What Is The Price Of V3 Bike In Bangladesh?

As of my last update, the price of the Yamaha YZF-R3, known as the V3 bike, in Bangladesh is approximately 525,000 BDT. Prices may vary based on dealers and location.

What Is The Price Of Fz In Bangladesh?

The price of the Yamaha FZ series in Bangladesh typically ranges from 235,000 to 255,000 Bangladeshi Taka, depending on the model and features.


Discovering the Yamaha M Slaz’s latest pricing in Bangladesh for 2024 offers clarity for potential buyers. This bike combines style, performance, and affordability, proving to be a smart choice for enthusiasts. Whether for daily commutes or weekend rides, the Yamaha M Slaz remains a top contender in its class.

Don’t miss the chance to experience its exhilarating ride.


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