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Yamaha Mt 15 V2 Price in Bangladesh 2024

Yamaha MT 15 V2 Price in Bangladesh


As of 2024, the Yamaha MT-15 V2 is priced at BDT 4,55,000 in Bangladesh. This cost reflects the latest update given by Yamaha Motorcycles Bangladesh.

The Yamaha MT-15 V2 stands as a symbol of youth and agility on the roads of Bangladesh, where riders crave for its remarkable blend of style and performance. With a sharp, aggressive design and advanced features, the Yamaha MT-15 V2 caters to a young audience looking for a dynamic riding experience.

The bike’s competitive price positions it well within the bustling motorcycle market, offering a high-quality option for enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and engineering. Embracing LED lighting, a fully digital instrument cluster, and a robust 155cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, the MT-15 V2 promises an invigorating ride while ensuring efficiency and power delivery at all RPMs. Yamaha’s commitment to quality and the bike’s up-to-date offerings continue to solidify its popularity among Bangladeshi riders.

Yamaha MT 15 V2 Price in Bangladesh

Yamaha Mt-15 V2: Riding The 2024 Wave

The Yamaha MT-15 V2 is revving up excitement in Bangladesh. Boasting advanced features, motorcycle enthusiasts are eager for the release. New upgrades enhance its performance and aesthetic appeal. Eager riders are anticipating this model. The V2 stands out with its superior design and improved technology. It caters to both style seekers and performance-driven bikers.

Fans admire the bold style of the MT-15 V2. It’s built for agility on bustling streets. You’ll find it equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and lighting features. The 2024 model promises a thrilling ride. It captures the spirit of Yamaha’s MT series. The V2 is all about power-packed performance and slick maneuverability.

Pricing Strategy

The Yamaha MT-15 V2 price in Bangladesh reflects the nation’s economic factors. Price changes often mirror tax alterations, exchange rates, and import policies. This bike’s cost appears higher than some local bikes. Yet, it’s competitive with similar class models. A Yamaha MT-15 V2 comparison shows it’s pricier than some rivals.

Its advanced features justify the cost. The bike boasts innovative technology and superior craftsmanship. Such attributes often demand a higher price tag. The MT-15 V2 represents a balance between cost and premium performance. Potential buyers must weigh price against specs.

Design And Features Breakdown

The 2024 Yamaha MT 15 V2 captures attention with its sharp design. Riders experience comfort thanks to refined ergonomics. Its muscular tank and aggressive headlights give a bold look. Sleek side panels and dynamic body lines enhance aesthetics.

Advances in technology feature significantly in the latest model. It includes LED lighting systems and a fully digital instrument cluster. These elements offer both style and functional benefits. Riders enjoy a more connected experience with smartphone integration. It ensures greater control and convenience.

Performance Metrics

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 stands out with its remarkable engine performance. At the heart of this motorcycle is a robust 155cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC engine. Riders can expect a punchy response, thanks to the VVA technology that ensures optimal power at all RPMs. This engine is matched with a slick 6-speed transmission. It garners praise for its agile handling and precision.

Riding comfort on the Yamaha MT 15 V2 is exceptional. With an upright riding position and lightweight body, maneuvering through traffic becomes a breeze. The well-designed ergonomics underscore its versatility, making it a top choice for both city commutes and spirited weekend rides.


Market Reaction

The Yamaha MT 15 V2’s price in Bangladesh for 2024 has stirred interest among bike enthusiasts. Riders praise its agility and modern features, driving strong sales in the market. Enthusiasts admire its sleek design and powerful performance. Expert reviews highlight its improved mechanics and technology. Some critiques exist, noting higher costs compared to previous models. Overall, the MT 15 V2 maintains a positive reception.

Consumer Aspect Feedback
Design Appreciation High
Performance Satisfaction Very Positive
Price Sensitivity Mixed Reactions
Sales Figures Increasing

Ownership Costs

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 is known for its reliability and durable components. Owners typically find that regular maintenance is both affordable and manageable. Each service session costs a reasonable amount, ensuring that the bike stays in top condition. Oil changes, brake checks, and tire inspections are part of the routine. These simple measures keep the bike running smoothly and help maintain its value over time.

Experts often gauge this bike to have a good resale value. The Yamaha brand’s strong reputation aids its market demand. Hence, owners can expect a favorable return on their investment if they choose to sell. The MT 15’s lasting appeal and solid performance contribute to its positive resale predictions for 2024. For precise figures, please check with local dealers as prices can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions On Yamaha Mt 15 V2 Price In Bangladesh 2024

What Is The Price Of Mt 15 2.0 In Bangladesh?

The price of Yamaha MT 15 Version 2. 0 in Bangladesh typically ranges from 410,000 to 420,000 Bangladeshi Taka, depending on the dealer and optional accessories.

What Is The Price Of Mp 15 V2?

The price of the MP 15 V2 varies by retailer, with a general range between $900 to $1,200. Check current listings for the most accurate pricing.

What Is The Price Of Mt 15 Top Model?

The price of the Yamaha MT 15 top model is approximately INR 1. 45 lakhs, ex-showroom. Prices may vary based on location and dealership.

What Is The Mileage Of Mt 15 V2?

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 offers an average mileage of around 48 kmpl under standard test conditions. Actual mileage may vary based on riding habits and conditions.


Owning a Yamaha MT-15 V2 is a statement of style and performance on Bangladesh roads in 2024. With its competitive pricing, this model remains a top pick for enthusiasts. Remember, investing in quality translates to enduring satisfaction. Embrace the thrill of riding; consider the MT-15 V2 for your next motorcycle adventure.


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